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Keep Seniors Safe From Accidents at Home


As people grow older, they might experience weakness and difficulty of or control movements. At some point, he may require Health Care Services such as therapy, personal care, or ambulation assistance.

Of course, Home Health Care Services in Tampa, Florida, can ensure their safety through keen supervision. However, some elderly prefer to stay independent and do things by themselves. So how can we make sure they are safe as they move around at home?

  • Declutter.
    Remove all hazards that may cause fall accidents. Put piled-up boxes in a storage room, remove wirings or cords from pathways, and keep toys after usage, especially those that are pointy and with wheels. Wipe up spilled liquids immediately to avoid slips.
  • Consider a room on the first floor.
    Many accidents take place on stairs. So a room for your seniors at the first level of your home will be a safer place for them to stay.
  • Put handrails in common areas.
    Place handrails and grab bars in your aging parent’s room, bathroom, hallways, and other areas at home where they frequently stay. Make sure these are secured and properly installed.
  • Install high-technology systems.
    Home security devices can help protect the elderly from potential hazards. Install smoke detectors, fire alarms, automatic shut-off devices, and CCTV cameras as a part of preventive measures at home.

BLOOMING GARDENS OF CARE ensures proper care and assistance to seniors even when they choose to remain self-reliant. We respect their preferences and provide Nursing Services in Florida in the best ways we can.

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