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Therapies at Home


Contrary to some notions, home care patients are not always seniors. Patients who need home health care services in Tampa, Florida, vary in age, condition, and needs. Few of them have different conditions that can be addressed through nursing services in Florida, while for others, therapies are necessary. The availability of therapies that can be performed at home is a great relief for those who cannot go out or choose to stay at home during this pandemic.

  • Physical Therapy
    If your loved one has difficulty walking around independently, this is for them. It can help restore and maintain maximum musculoskeletal functions after having fractures, unsteady gait, or other limiting conditions.
  • Speech Therapy
    Making conversations is an essential activity for human beings. This therapy aims to improve communicative activities of daily living and swallowing disorders as well.
  • Occupational Therapy
    Independence in activities of daily living is the ultimate goal for this therapy.

Blooming Gardens of Care offers these therapies for your loved ones. Their therapists evaluate your loved one’s impairments and limitations as they establish a personalized plan of care for them. To achieve optimal outcomes, their plan is aligned with your loved one’s physician. Reach out to them and discover more about their health care services.

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