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What Community Resources Work With Home Health Care?


Home health care services in Tampa, Florida, do more than just render skilled nursing and health care services to elderly people aging in place. Another service that is commonly associated with these agencies is social work.

Social work, in the context of home health care, is all about identifying what resources an elderly would need from the community to remain healthy and independent while aging at home. Now that it’s mentioned, what exactly are the community resources that work hand-in-hand with home health care services in Florida and other parts of the US?

One such resource is therapy and counseling. Some elderly people have served in the military, with some also serving in combat situations. A number of these veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of their experiences on the battlefield. Social workers can help the agency and the patient’s family find a counselor to help out in this case.

Another instance where a social worker can help in-home health care when applying for Medicare or Medicaid coverage. The social worker can guide the client and their families in securing financial aid so they can receive the services that they need without worrying about finances.

Of course, these are but two of the circumstances in which a medical social worker can be of assistance to seniors who choose to age in place or at home. In a nutshell, these professionals help client families connect with much-needed services and resources to ensure a worry-free retirement for the elderly.

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