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When Should Your Senior Loved Ones Stop Driving


Even while being older doesn’t automatically mean you shouldn’t drive, keeping an eye on your reflexes and eyesight is crucial to preserving senior health. At some point, almost everyone’s reflexes slow down, and their vision deteriorates, making driving unsafe for both the senior driver and other drivers. This is especially true for those suffering from age-related illnesses like dementia and needing specific health care services.

Many older people struggle to give up their vehicles. In fact, seniors frequently don’t want to give up the independence that a car represents, even when loved ones express worries about their driving prowess. As a provider of nursing services in Florida, we discourage people with these medical issues that might make it dangerous for someone to operate a vehicle, such as a stroke, Parkinson’s illness, arthritis, and diabetes. However, choosing whether to drive depends more on driving performance than on a person’s sickness. Some of the warning signs that it is no longer safe for seniors to drive:

  • Being perplexed by traffic signs
  • Disregarding red or stop signals 
  • Parking and getting into collisions or side-swiping other vehicles
  • Frequently getting lost and calling a family member for directions.

If you think your senior loved one needs professional care and is considering home health care services in Tampa, Florida, BLOOMING GARDENS OF CARE is the best one for you! Our professionals supervise every service and administer it from initial consultation to recovery or treatment completion.

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